Impersonate Client

Hi Matthew,
Is there the ability to “Impersonate Client” as in Quickfile, so we can see just what the client sees when they log into their portal?
Can we also have our logo as part of the email sent out by ML Verify when asking for ID checks. As we stand now, I am forewarning clients to expect an email from M L Verify. This way, they have the trust to upload personal documents to a company that we have recommended.

Hi @Bagpipe

There’s no “Impersonate Client” button as such, but you can view the client that they see by accessing the same portal link.

Under Reports, you’ll find Pending KYC Requests, which will have a link under the “View” heading.

This will give you the link which you can open and view the portal exactly as your client sees it.

Hope that helps!