Document Reference disappears

Hi Mathew,
I have noticed this a few times now…may be something I am doing wrong?
Some clients fetch in or email their ID KYC documents to me direct (not via the portal) and I drag and drop them into the software…all good.
When I then input the document reference (such as passport or utility bill) it states “saved” - but it hasn’t saved the reference at that stage, when you check. I have to go in again and re-input the reference and then it is saved.

Hi @Bagpipe

I’m trying to replicate this issue on my end. Would you mind giving me a few steps so I can replicate this exactly as you’re seeing it, please?

Hi Mathew,
Just created a ltd co client - J Mall**** Ltd. Added 2 KYC checks - obtained a copy of the company cert of incorporation …click view and then dragged and dropped the pdf. Gave the document a reference and mark as done. When you go back and view again, the reference is blank. Did the same with his driving licence (pdf) and then dragged and dropped and added a reference and expiry date and these disappear when you view again.
To retain the details, you mest re-input them and then all is good.
On another note, now that the email issues have been resolved at this side, I am receiving email notifications of “Client Review Request” where a client has completed all outstanding KYC checks…not seen these before.