Companies on Monitor

Hi Mathew,
When a company is on “monitor” via ML Verify, where are the emails sent? I do have most of my companies on “follow” with Companies House but added ML Verify monitoring too…may act as a double check!
I filed some accounts on 21st of this month and didn’t seem to get the update from ML Verify but did get the one from Companies House “follow”.
Hope you can resolve for me.

Hi @Bagpipe

The updates for these are shown on your dashboard under the “Notifications” tab:

We’d send emails for these, but we’re working on another type of email update so we can look at incorporating this in the future.

Hi Mathew,
They do not appear to be showing on the dashboard under notifications.
I filed some accounts last week and they are not showing under the notifications tab - I had ticked all documents with Companies House.

That’s a bit strange! Let me send you a private message so we can investigate this for you. Watch out for the green notification in the top right corner.